Gokhan Danacioglu

...not just being graphic design artist; it's beyond seeing the spirit of designing!

Founder, art director and lecturer Gokhan Danacioglu who is presently studying postgraduate about Visual Culture (PGDip) graduated with an Honours degree in Digital Design (PGD), subsequent to earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Faculty (BFA) in Graphic Design.

During his studies he attended solo/group exhibitions and biennales in Canada, USA, Turkey, Spain, India, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and more.

With this broad art background, he successfully grew his career at agencies in Turkey, Canada, and the USA, initially as a 'Junior Graphic Designer', followed by 'Graphic Designer', 'Director of Graphic Design Department', 'Creative Director' and 'Art Director'.

In 2006, Gokhan Danacioglu established his design agency in Toronto/ON, CANADA, named 'G-Man Creative', which specializes in designing and advertising for print, web and interactive media.

Because of his success as designer and lecturer, Gokhan Danacioglu has received several awards (most of them are jury awards) such as 'Illustration Biennale', 'International Biennale of Text Art: Object, Text, Decision', ‘Featured Portfolio Design’, ‘Featured Website’, ‘Coolest Design Award’, ‘Creative Web Awards’ and ‘Top Design Firms’ from several institutions and organizations worldwide.

With his professional designer career, since 2001, he teaches the lessons of 'Basic Art Training', 'Art History', 'Color Theory', 'Painting', 'Graphic Design I, II, III and IV', 'Typography III and IV', 'Web Design’, ‘Interactive Designs', 'Graphic Forming I and II' and 'Graduation Project' to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years university students at the fine art faculties (BFA).

Because of his vast experiences, Gokhan Danacioglu took the time to share his knowledge by writing academic articles and write-ups on the web, now over 100 articles published since 2013, respecting the ins and outs of graphic designs, web designs and interactive designs, as well as the requisite technologies.

Mr. Danacioglu is also a member of ADC (The Art Directors Club) in New York/NY and AIGA (The Professional Association for Design) in New York/NY.


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