The most successful design solutions are the result of close collaboration between designer and client. By listening keenly to client needs, G-MAN Creative deftly handles design requests, from original and unique to contemporary and classic layouts. What it accomplishes is the elegant and stylish look that you need for your business, from design concept to finished print.

Great design solutions do not come in a flash of inspiration. They spring from collaboration between designer and client. It's a process of discovery requiring experience, good communication, and understanding. By asking, listening and understanding, we begin each project with a solid understanding of your requirements.
In short G-MAN Creative creates solutions that communicate the right messages to express your needs. By listening intently we get it right.
We are on time and on budget. We determine the scope of the project, create a budget and timeline, and once approved, we stick to it. That is our reputation, of which we are proud.


Your logo and/or branding are the major aspect of your business’ external features. A well-designed logo and/or branding is the primary introduction of your business to the public consciousness. Ideally it encompasses the aim and spirit of the company.


Business brochures and catalogues are the first point of contact with your target market. First impressions are everything, and must be tweaked to optimum benefit. We create quality custom-designed brochures and catalogues to suit.


Your product’s reputation is at stake. The primary goal of package design is to attract customers’ attention. As such, it cannot simply inform customers of contents, but must provoke feelings and communicate emotions. With such an emotive custom package your design will stand out from the competition, and increase chances of placing your product in the larger brand-name stores to augment your sales.


At G-MAN Creative we design flyers and mailers which contain easy comprehensive messages that explain your products or services. Flyers and mailers can be used to introduce your company in general or to highlight a specific product/service or promotion.


If you are in need of any other print design such as customized posters, billboards, reports, newsletters or t-shirts, etc. we will create these, suiting your needs and budget. We will also work with the supplier to manage the print production.